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How to Ride the Bus

If you are not familiar with our routes and schedules, call our customer service office at 860 346-0212 and tell us where you live and where you want to go. We will plan your trip for you. Our timetable is color coordinated for your convenience.

To get to your destination, simply match the color of the route with the color of the map.

Please have exact change. Drivers cannot make change. Please no Susan B. Anthony coins.

The MAT buses operate on a flag stop basis. There are no designated bus stops and the bus will stop anywhere its safe to do so. Exception: MLINK Route has No-Stop zones due to time constraints.

Simply wave vigorously as the bus approaches.

Do not wait on a curve, near an intersection, on a bridge, or by a guard rail. Buses cannot block a road.

Please be on the same side of the road as the bus. The bus cannot wait for you to cross the street due to safety reasons. Drivers have the right to deem a stop safe or unsafe for pickup/drop off.

Times on the schedule are approximate – please plan accordingly.

Connections to other buses cannot always be maintained. Buses will not be held for late arriving buses.

MAT is not responsible for lost articles left on buses.

Limit bags, groceries, personal items, to what you can carry on when you board. Items cannot take up seats. Keep items in your lap or on the floor by your feet. Keep the aisle clear.

Individuals requiring respirators, concentrators, or portable oxygen are permitted to ride.

Once the buses pull away from the terminal parking stalls, passenger boarding is prohibited.

General Rules

MAT's transportation services are accessible to persons with disabilities. Buses and vans are equipped with wheelchair lifts or ramps that enable persons in wheelchairs or persons who cannot navigate steps to ride the vehicles. Operators are trained to assist riders that use lifts and ramps, secure wheelchairs, provide information on destinations served, and announce stops, including any stop you request.

ADA Complaints

If you have a complaint about the accessibility of our transit system or service, or believe you have been discriminated against because of your disability, you can file a complaint. Click here for the complaints procedures and form. Please provide all facts and circumstances surrounding your issue or complaint so we can fully investigate the incident. If you are unable to complete a written complaint due to a disability or if information is needed in another language we can assist you. Please contact us at 860 346-0212 or email us at

Passenger Conduct

MAT reserves the right to deny bus service to anyone who habitually abuses the service; whose conduct on board vehicles interferes with the safe operation of the vehicle; who disrupts vehicle scheduling; who behaves in a way that is offensive to other passengers and interferes with and/or disturbs the operations of the vehicle, or otherwise violates MAT policies.

Specific passenger activities prohibited on MAT vehicles include:

• Engaging in illegal activity
• Smoking, carrying a lighted cigar, cigarette, cigarillo or pipe, use of any spark, flame match or fire producing device.
• Possession of open containers of alcohol or other liquids.
• Consumption of food or drink.
• Littering.
• Playing of audio or video devices without earphones.
• Entering or riding a vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs.
• Lack of shirt or shoes, or clothing in a condition objectionable to other passengers.
• Carrying automotive batteries or corrosive materials.
• Carrying gasoline, kerosene or other flammable liquids.
• Carrying weapons, firearms or explosives.
• Obstructing, jumping from, or riding upon the steps of a MAT vehicle while the vehicle is in motion.
• Defacing or damaging MAT property.

For Your Protection

MAT buses and vans are equipped with security cameras to include video and audio.

Personal Hygiene

To protect the health and well-being of vehicle operators and passengers, all riders must maintain an acceptable standard of personal hygiene. Failure to conform to this policy may result in a temporary suspension of service.


No animals, (other than service animals) are allowed on the bus. Service animals provide assistance to people with disabilities.

Operation Red Light

During periods when severe weather and road conditions exist, it may become necessary for MAT to curtail or suspend service. Some routes may have to detour due to steep and slippery conditions. Monitor local TV stations and MAT’s website for cancellations.

Passenger Seating

Seats located in the front of the bus are reserved for the elderly and/ or physically disabled riders. Please vacate upon request.

For your safety, please remain in your seats while the bus is in motion. Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before getting up from your seat.

Boarding with a Wheelchair

Our buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts or ramps that can be used by any passenger with a wheelchair, walker, crutches or other mobility aid. The driver will instruct you on the procedures for loading and tie down.

Carriages/Baby Strollers

Strollers and carriages are welcome on MAT vehicles, however we encourage that you are considerate of other passengers and adhere to these rules when traveling with a carriage or a stroller:

• Keep carriages/strollers clear of aisles and doorways onboard the vehicle.
• Seniors and customers with disabilities have priority use of the Priority Seating areas aboard buses. If these seats are not in use, carriages/strollers may be parked in these areas.
• Please fold the carriage/stroller in the event that the vehicle becomes crowded, in order to make room for others. During certain periods of high ridership, the driver may require that all carriages and strollers be folded before you board.
• Children should be seated and secured in the stroller before boarding the vehicle.

Rack N' Ride Safety

For a safe and secure trip when you bring your bike on a MAT bus, please follow these procedures:

• Tell the driver when you plan to load or unload your bike. The driver may not see you standing in front of the bus and pull away from the curb.
• Always load your bike from the curbside of the bus. The driver may not see you if you approach and load from the bus’ left side.
• Always load your bike in the outside slot if it is empty.
• For security, you may want to lock the tire on your bike before loading. MAT is not responsible for stolen bikes. Try to sit up front to watch your bike.
• For safety reasons, the driver is not allowed to help you load or unload your bike. • Bikes may be loaded and unloaded at any area deemed safe.
• Bikers are responsible for properly securing their bikes to the rack. The driver will not move the bus until bikes are safely secured.
• Motorized bikes are not allowed.
• Bikes with child seats, large carriers or other attachments considered hazardous are not allowed.

The user of the bicycle rack assumes all responsibility and all risks with respect to the use of the bicycle rack and any consequences which may result from said use, including but not limited to physical injuries and/ or damages to personal property.

MAT is not responsible for the functioning or functionality of bicycle rack equipment and assumes no liability for any physical injuries and/or property damages which may result from any defect, patent, within or upon the said bicycle rack.

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